Kuharic's Handmade Christmas Wreaths

Stall: 20
Phone: (574)288-5882
Open: Mid-November-Mid-December

The Kuharic family has been a part of the Market since the beginning, we are the 3rd & 4th generation!


Our grandparents, Joseph and Gertrude were original stockholders of the Market.  Joseph, their oldest son, and our father, continued to sell year around at the Market to send himself through college.  He raised and sold perennials, cut flowers, mums and crafted hand-made wreathes on coat hangers at Christmas time.  Joe, although an Administrator and teacher in the South Bend Community School Corporation his entire career, along with his wife Alma, continued throughout their lives as vendors, and literally raised 4 children there.  Joe was an integral part of the Farmer's Market, serving on the Board for over 34 years and for most of those years, as Secretary.

Today, the stall is sentimentally run by Joe & Alma's children  Annie & Paul, along with Annie's husband Jeff.  Children Sam, Jack, Maddy, Ivan, Miles, and Anton, the next generation are slowly becoming involved.

We are 2 teachers and a lawyer who love the market and our customers!  We have generations of customers who have bought wreathes from our family for over 60 years!

We are the only hand-wrapped wreathes in the market.  We choose the freshest products from all over the country and offer unique, one of a kind, specialty wreathes.  We offer blueberry juniper, red western cedar and noble fir from the Pacific Northwest.  Balsam, Douglas, Arbor Vitae, frazier fir and White Pine form the northern Mid-west.  In addition, we have ALWAYS recycled all wire frames and encouraged customers to return their frames for a discount on their next wreath.

Stop by and watch us make wreathes!

Paul Kuharic - 340-0348
Annie Kimmell- 288-5882

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Kuharic's Handmade Christmas Wreaths
Kuharic's Handmade Christmas Wreaths
Kuharic's Handmade Christmas Wreaths